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Friends Only

I'm open to adding those who have similar interests. Please feel free to comment. :)

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Darling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please don't leave me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Friend meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Um. Add me maybe yes please if not it's ok? :3;
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Of course! *adds like wo*

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YAY new name! LOL! *waves*
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Wee Kristy! *adds super fastly*


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I just love changing the name. I find that it keeps people on their toes. Don't you? lol
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Heee! It sure does! And a great way to weed out intruders!

Which is why my journal is now friends only. :)

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everyone on my flist is changing names today, i swear! anyway, it's juvenilia from f_c.
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LOL! I swear, this is my first name change since I first registered with LJ in Jan of '03. And quite possibly the last. :)


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Hi beautiful. This is going to take some getting used to. I love "ginique" :(
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Aww. "ginique" may be back! Only, I'll get a Name Token instead, so everyone won't have to mess with their flist.

How have you been holding up lately? Everything relatively ok?

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Allo. I had you friended so I'll friend you again :)
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Laurie! For some reason, I thought I already added you. *doofus*

*adds w/ glee*

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Hullo. Dracoholic17 from fandom_chat here, wishing to friend. *heel click, salute*
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I will add you, precious. :D

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Bonjour mon amie! =D

Vous voudriez "amie" moi? =)


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aww, that pic is adorable!!
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Re: ^^

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Aww, thanks! :) I've since changed it to a different, simpler banner that I created myself. ♥

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This is so incredibly random but...

Add me? XD I live in New Mexico too and we have the same default icon! And for some reason that makes me think you're cool. XD
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Hehehe! Funny you mention that, because I just changed my default icon this morning. I actually know nothing about Death Note, but a friend of mine led me to [ profile] the_pixelized, and I liked what I saw. :D

Of course we can be friends; I don't have nearly enough New Mexicans on my f-list! I just hope you don't mind Harry Potter...

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Adding you because:
o1)you love Baudecest
o2)you love the Beatles
and o3)you love LoTR

I think that's PLENTY reason to add you. I love all those things, too, so should I be expecting an add back?
I hope so.
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Sorry it took forever and a day to get back to you...

Not nearly enough Baudecest fans in the world. \o/ Keep in mind, though, that a good portion of my journal is Potter squee.


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Keep meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh! *clings*
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Of course! :D

Then you can go back and sift through all my pathetic Potter squee.


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saw you in sidekick junkies, then checked out your profile only to find that you are from NM. interesting. let me read? find out more?
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Re: interest.

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Sure, you can have a look around. Though I'll warn you now that I'm far too silly for my own good. :)

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Friend of yndigot, added :).
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Any friend of [ profile] yndigot's is a friend of mine. :)

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Well I was just looking around LJ and you commented on a Shayid story, and I just had to check it out.

I don't have enough Shayid friends, at least who still care about them like I do :( and you also like HP, R/H and Heroes, so I was thinking, want to be friends?
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Psh, I'll friend you for your icon alone. :) There's only one other person on my f-list who loves Shayid, so I'm always up for more Shayid friends.
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Thanks. Definitely the better of the two.

Yayyy, fellow JJBer!

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This is STILL. ^__^

Have a safe and fun trip to London - I hope to hear ALL about it. :-)
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Re: Yayyy, fellow JJBer!

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Hallo, hallo! Added ye. :)

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hey it's me! Apple! I am looking forward to being your friend!
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Likewise! Just note that nowadays I really just use my journal for LJ communities more than anything.

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hey hey, may we be friends? :D

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We appear to have common interests :) Friendage would be lovely.
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Oh, absolutely! Just a warning, though - my journal is full of silliness. Not unrelenting silliness, but silliness just the same. :)

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So, I've seen you in a couple of different places recently (on [ profile] emmacmf's journal and just now at [ profile] cumberbatchfans). I'm looking to connect with more Sherlock/Ben/Martin fans and you seem like someone I'd like to get to know better. :)
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Aww, how sweet! We can be friends, most definitely - I just hope you don't mind my journal being more of a silly, fun times/fandom journal, rather than an actual journal where I go on about real life shenanigans. Some brattiness about work pops up occasionally, but it's mostly random fanfare. :)

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